Drug Crime Felonies in North Carolina Law

What drug crimes are charged as felonies under North Carolina law? In North Carolina, drug charges can be charged as a felony based on the type of the controlled substance, the amount of the substance, or even the facts of the case that indicate intent to manufacture, sell or deliver the drug. While simple possession of some controlled substances can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, many others can only be charged as a felony. While a small amount of marijuana can be charged only as a misdemeanor, if the facts of the case indicate there was an intent to sell the marijuana, you could be charged with felony possession with intent to sell, even for only having small amounts. For larger amounts of marijuana, being anything over one and a half ounces, alone can be charged as a felony. For other drugs such as cocaine and heroin, possession of any amount can be charged as a felony. The level of the charge just depends on the amount possessed. In Wade County, most drug felonies that do not rise to a level of trafficking are classified as I, H and G felonies. In Raleigh, all felony drug cases are handled much differently than misdemeanors, but most are just disposed of in district court.