North Carolina’s Marijuana Laws

Can you discuss North Carolina’s marijuana laws? In North Carolina, possession of any amount of marijuana is illegal under state and federal law. Currently, there’s no exception for its use for medical purposes. Marijuana is the most commonly charged drug offense in Raleigh, and the penalty for its possession depends upon the amount and even the purpose for its possession. For personal use, the penalty for possession of any and up to a half an ounce of marijuana is only a Class 3 misdemeanor. For possession of more than half an ounce, but less than an ounce and a half, the offense is a Class 1 misdemeanor. For amounts of marijuana greater than one and a half ounces but less than 10 pounds, the charge is punishable as a Class I felony. Once you reach the threshold of 10 pounds of marijuana or more, the trafficking in marijuana laws apply which could bring sentences as long as 219 months in prison, even if you had no intent to sell. If you do have possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, you could be subject to even more laws that range, depending on the specific weight, from a Class I felony to a Class D felony punishable by up to 222 months in prison.