Effect of DWI on North Carolina License Immediately After Arrest

What will happen to my license immediately after being arrested for DWI in North Carolina? So state law requires the immediate civil revocation of the drivers license of certain persons charged with implied consent offenses. Once a person is arrested by a law enforcement officer for an implied consent offense, they will be taken before a judicial official who will determine whether there is probable cause to believe that the conditions requiring a civil license revocation are met. If the judicial official does determine that the requirements are met, they must enter an order revoking the person’s license for the required period. Upon entering a revocation order, the judicial official must order the person to surrender their license or order a law enforcement official to seize the license. The ordered revocation begins at the time of the order and continues until the minimum period has elapsed and the person has paid the required costs. Revocations under North Carolina general statute 20-16.5 are never longer than 30 days but may be longer depending on other factors.