How to Save North Carolina License After DWI Arrest

How do I save my North Carolina license after a DWI arrest? In order to save your license, you must act quickly. If your license has been revoked under North Carolina statute 20-16.5, you may request a hearing to contest the validity of the revocation. This request must be in writing and made within 10 days of the effective date of the revocation. The request may be made to a clerk or a magistrate designated by the clerk and may specifically request that a hearing be conducted by a district court judge. A hearing must be held within three working days after the request, if the hearing is done before a magistrate, or within five days if before a district court judge. If the hearing is not held and completed within the required time period and the delay is not caused by the defendant, the judicial official must enter an order rescinding the revocation. During the hearing, the judicial official must find by the greater weight of the evidence that the conditions challenged under 20-16.5(b) were met in order to sustain the revocation. After the hearing, the judicial official must enter an order either sustaining or rescinding the revocation. The decision is final and no statutory law allows an appeal.