Limited Driving Privileges in North Carolina

What are limited driving privileges in North Carolina? Who is eligible? How does one apply? Although the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles has the exclusive power to issue, suspend and revoke a person’s drivers license, state law authorizes the courts the authority to issue limited driving privileges for specific and limited reasons. Essentially, a limited driving privilege is a judicial order issued within the sound discretion of a court that authorizes a person with a revoked license to drive within the parameters of the order. Most privileges allow driving related to employment, household maintenance, education, treatment and emergency medical care. There are many factual circumstances under North Carolina’s implied consent laws that trigger a DMV revocation of a person’s drivers license with most having a corresponding limited driving privilege. There are pre-trial, civil and post-trial criminal limited privileges, and there are also privileges for those who have willfully refused to submit to chemical testing. Most privileges require that a person had at the time of the offense a valid license or a license that had been expired for less than a year; that they had no pending DWI charges and no convictions of DWI within seven years before the offense; that they had obtained a substance abuse assessment; that they have financial responsibility and that they have paid the related fee of $100. To apply for a limited privilege, the petitioner can either apply the ti