North Carolina Breath Test Machine

What is the breath test machine used in North Carolina? How does it work? The breath testing machine currently used in North Carolina is the Intox EC/IR II that is manufactured by Intoximeters Incorporated. North Carolina uses breath testing machines in order to estimate a person’s blood alcohol concentration. The theory behind breath testing is premised on the body’s function of its lungs to exchange gas. During a respiration, gas moves in and out of the blood and because alcohol is volatile, it can exist in a gas form. When alcohol is consumed, it enters the blood stream and eventually will circulate to the lungs where a small amount of alcohol is removed from the body which is expressed. The Intox EC/IR II is a machine that detects and measures alcohol in a person’s breath using an electric fuel cell. The machine collects a sample of breath through which an infrared energy beam is passed. The fuel cell causes a chemical reaction that produces an electrical current. The more alcohol present, the more voltage produced. The current produced by this reaction is measured by a microprocessor with a built-in secret source code and displays an approximation of overall alcohol content in grams per 210 liters of breath. The test results are displayed and then printed on the test record.